Civic engagement in research

Our commitment to civic engagement is demonstrated in our research that involves our population and informs local policies and in our wider knowledge exchange initiatives.

As Britain's first civic university, we were founded by, and for, the people of Manchester. For us, contributing to the wellbeing and prosperity of Greater Manchester is a fundamental part of our purpose. We work with our own community to take on challenges and opportunities faced locally. Building on our strong regional relationships we co-create, understand and apply world-class research across a range of social, economic, health, environmental and cultural agendas.

We were ranked 4th in the UK, and 8th in Europe by Reuters’ Europe’s Most Innovative Universities ranking in 2019.

Growth and inclusion

We're playing a key role in levelling up opportunities across Greater Manchester through our work on productivity, education,  work and equalities and inclusive growth. We work directly with policymakers and businesses to better understand, measure, and improve living standards, wellbeing and promote the conditions for more inclusive and fair work and employment arrangements.

Our research on inequalities, has contributed to the Greater Manchester Independent Inequalities Commission which sets out a range of measures for tackling disparities and transforming public policy across the city-region.

Cultural and creative engagement

Our Institute of Cultural Practices, Multilingual Manchester and Creative Manchester are contributing to social development, cultural exchange and creative industries across the region. 

Our unique cultural institutions - museumgallerylibraryscience centre and race centre focus on building civic, national and international partnerships to advance the social, environmental and individual wellbeing of our communities.

Environmental sustainability

We're shaping Manchester’s zero carbon future through our research.

Our Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research is empowering local climate change action, shaping policy through the adoption of carbon budgets and helping local authorities and organisations to deliver significant carbon emissions reductions. Our work with Electricity North West is helping to create a fairer and greener energy supply.

Our Sustainable Materials Innovation Hub led by the Henry Royce Institute, supports SME’s from across Greater Manchester to develop innovative solutions to develop a more sustainable approach to plastics use and lower their carbon footprints.

Our Sustainable Futures platform brings our researchers together with cross-sector partnerships and pioneering discoveries to help build a greener, fairer and healthier future for all.

Better health

We're at the forefront of discovering, developing and deploying new solutions to improve the health and wellbeing of Greater Manchester’s 2.8 million citizens through Health Innovation Manchester,

The Greater Manchester Young People's Wellbeing Programme is a pioneering research collaboration with the Greater Manchester Combined Authority (GMCA) and all of the city-region’s secondary schools that will survey children about their wellbeing and preparedness for life beyond school, in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Through civic commitment, our research contributes to the delivery of Greater Manchester’s Local Industrial Strategy’s priorities in health innovation, advanced materials, and building a creative and digital city region committed to clean and inclusive growth and carbon neutral living by 2038.

We've worked alongside other universities in the region to develop a joint Civic University Agreement with the Greater Manchester Combined Authority (GMCA) and its ten local authorities to address COVID-recovery, economic growth, good jobs, inequalities, health and the environment.