Receiving your offer

After you’ve applied and we have a room for you, we’ll send you an email with your accommodation offer.

How do I know if I have an offer?

Your accommodation offer will be sent to the email address you gave when you applied, make sure you:

  • Regularly check your email and junk folders.
  • Check your accommodation account, as this is automatically updated once we send an offer email to you.

How do I secure my room?

What is an Advance Licence Fee?

A one-time payment of £400 that you’ll be asked to make when accepting your accommodation offer, which will secure your room and be deducted from your overall rent.

  1. Wait until we email you with instructions on how to accept your offer.
  2. Make sure you’re happy with everything included in the offer before you accept the room.
  3. Accept or decline your offer before the deadline; this is usually four days, but sometimes, in late August or September, it can be shorter.
  4. Pay the £400 Advance Licence Fee payment to secure your room.

Where possible, we try to place you in one of your five preferred halls, but this is not always possible.

Please be aware that if you don’t accept the offer of accommodation before the expiry date, it'll be withdrawn, and you'll lose your accommodation guarantee with The University of Manchester.

If you think you’ll miss the deadline or need an extension, email with your full name and University ID number. You’ll also need to tell the Accommodation Office if you decide to defer or decline your place.

Can I appeal the decision?

If you received an offer of accommodation in a University hall but didn't accept the offer within the deadline and had the offer withdrawn, you may appeal. If you still want to live in University halls, you should write to with your full name, University ID number and reason for the appeal.

Can I change my room offer?

Once you've paid your Advance Licence Fee, you can request to be placed on a waiting list for a suitable alternative room in a different hall, should you wish to change.

You can ask to be added to the waiting list via email by telling us which hall of residence you'd like to move into. Once we’ve processed your request, you’ll receive an email with what happens next.