How our research enhances your course

At The University of Manchester, our research has a direct impact on students. The best international teaching and learning institutions are also great research institutions, and Manchester falls firmly into that category.

Here you can mix with, and learn from, many of the best and brightest people in the world, in a stimulating and inspirational intellectual environment.

Many of our academic staff are professional researchers as well as tutors and lecturers, carrying out scholarly or scientific investigation into their specialist subjects and making innovative discoveries that contribute to global knowledge.

You will be taught by staff who are recognised internationally to be at the forefront of their subject, and who can incorporate the very latest thinking and discoveries directly into your course. Research that is hitting the headlines one day may feature in one of your lectures the next.

We have strong collaborative links with industry and public services. These inform our research and ensure that your course is tailored to the needs of employers. And to help further our research, we invest significantly in facilities and resources, some of which will be available for students on taught courses to use too.