Learning about changing the world for the better

After moving from Nigeria to study at Manchester, Anthonia's Stellify journey began with a passion to learn about changing the world for the better.

She became a PASS Leader, Equality and Diversity Coordinator and Student Rep, learning leadership skills and making new friends along the way.


I'm Antonia and this is my Stellify story.

I'm originally from Nigeria and I first came to the UK to study. I've always been curious, wanting to know why things were the way they were and more importantly if they had to be that way.

The older I got the more I realised change was possible. My curiosity sparked a passion for change and that's what first inspired my choice to study Economics and take part in Stellify.

Stellify gives you the opportunity to learn about change and be that change. I used my Stellify experience to take part in various leadership activities: as a PASS leader; Equality and Diversity Coordinator; and Student Rep.

My most memorable moment from Stellify was my time as a PASS Leader. The funny thing is how I was initially tentative about pursuing this opportunity. I loved every part of it, from the training to the nerves when meeting my attendees for the first time and the wonderful co-leader I worked with. Everything.

I'm quite the introvert and it's not unusual for me to avoid social situations and this was my biggest challenge in completing Stellify. However my hesitations and fears were put to one side when I gave myself that initial push and believing that I could do this.

The PASS sessions were a rollercoaster for me and some days they were very busy and another is less so. Enlightening on some days and confusing on others. But always exciting and I looked forward to them every week.

I also got involved in lots of amazing volunteering opportunities including in areas like community outreach and promoting health awareness.

Soon enough, I just wanted to do more. As I'm graduating I look back on my whole experience and I can't believe how much I've achieved and how confident I now feel thanks to this amazing journey.

My Stellify journey involved everything from transformation, opportunity, confidence, education and friendship. I've learned the endless things we can accomplish by just letting go and believing in ourselves.