Books and computer equipment

Books and computer equipment can be big expenses for students, but there are ways to keep the costs down.

We place a strong emphasis on self-study and you will spend a lot of your time reading in order to get a better understanding of your subject area.

There are numerous bookshops in Manchester. Our campus bookshop Blackwells is situated in University Green, and stocks most of the books you'll need for your degree.

Buying all the recommended books can be expensive and it may not be possible for you to buy many or any new ones. However, there are ways to save money.

  • You could buy a shared copy with one or more other students in your course.
  • Look out for second-hand copies of your course books; there are second-hand sections in Blackwell's and in the Student Union shop.
  • In most departments, students will sell books from previous years' study using the departmental notice board. Book fairs are also held each semester in the Students' Union.

The University of Manchester Library

We also have one of the biggest library services in the UK. The University of Manchester Library is one of the largest academic libraries in the UK and supports all the subject areas taught by the University.

Within our academic Schools there are also various subject-related libraries that stock a limited number of course books.

Computer equipment

There are more than 10,000 computers for students to use across the University campus, so it isn't necessary to buy your own computer or laptop. However, if you would like a personal laptop, you can easily buy one before or once you arrive, and you may be able to sell it to another student after your studies.

Our IT Services department offers advice on purchasing IT equipment from approved suppliers for University staff and students.

A wide variety of shops also sell computers, including large supermarkets, department stores and electrical good shops.

If you choose to buy or bring a laptop you should make sure it is covered by your contents insurance.