MSc Development Finance

Year of entry: 2024

Course unit details:
Development Macroeconomics

Course unit fact file
Unit code MGDI60581
Credit rating 15
Unit level FHEQ level 7 – master's degree or fourth year of an integrated master's degree
Teaching period(s) Semester 1
Available as a free choice unit? Yes


The course will mostly concentrate on theories of stabilisation and open economy macroeconomics. Theories of economic growth will also be covered.


The objective of the unit is to provide students with a rigorous analysis of the fundamental concepts of international macroeconomics as well as to theories of economic growth.

Learning outcomes

Knowledge and understanding
- Students will be able to analyze the impact of different stabilisation policies on economic performance, and will have a good understanding of the basic concepts of international macroeconomics, such as the determinants of short term and long term foreign exchange rate, relationships between exchange rates, prices, and output; fixed exchange rate regime, and currency and financial crisis.

Intellectual skills
- Students will be able to provide an analytical discussion of the concepts of international macroeconomics and apply them to the analysis of macroeconomic policies of different countries.

Teaching and learning methods

Lecture and tutorial based.

Assessment methods

Method Weight
Other 20%
Written exam 80%

Recommended reading

Helpman, Elhanan, The mystery of economic growth, Cambridge, Mass. ; London : Belknap Press of Harvard University Press, 2004,

Agenor , P-R. The economics of adjustment and growth, Cambridge, Mass.: Harvard University Press 2nd edition, 2004.

Rodrik, Dani, In search of prosperity : analytic narratives on economic growth, New Jersey, USA : Princeton University Press 2003.

Krugman, P.R., and Obstfeld M., International economics, theory and policy, Addison Wesley Longman, Inc. 8th edition, 2009.

Teaching staff

Staff member Role
David Ouattara Unit coordinator

Additional notes

GDI Programmes on which course unit is offered:
MSc DEP (core), MSc DF, MSc PPM, MSc ID: PID


10 x 2 hours lectures a week, 5 tutorial sessions

Revision lecture - 2 hours

Stata lab sessions

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