MSc Management

Year of entry: 2024

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Business Research Projects

Course unit fact file
Unit code BMAN73160
Credit rating 45
Unit level FHEQ level 7 – master's degree or fourth year of an integrated master's degree
Teaching period(s) Summer semester
Available as a free choice unit? No


This module seeks to provide a basis upon which the students can apply the learning they have acquired throughout the programme, to a specific business research project. Students will select from a choice of cases that have been internally designed in order to enable the students to focus on a particular aspect relating to business and management. In addition to providing lectures and seminars examining key skills relating to the research process, there will be small group lectures based around the specific case studies. These will be supplemented with interactive seminar sessions and additional surgeries that allow for more detailed discussion of the cases either individually or in teams.

A key aspect of this course is to provide an interdisciplinary approach to examining the ideas and practices of management and organisation. While the cases will draw on and develop different aspects studied within the degree, the aim is to provide a more in-depth and critical analysis of a specific case from an interdisciplinary and inquiry based perspective. The Business Research Projects module will therefore develop the student's ability to perform a detailed and critical examination of a specific case study and produce an individual report based on this analysis.

All unit materials are made available on Blackboard including course outlines, assessments, reading lists, course announcements and papers. Various methods of interaction and feedback are used including podcasts, office hours, online course work submission and online assessment and feedback. An online student diary system is available for group work.


BMAN73160 Programme Req: BMAN73160 is only available as a core unit to students on MSc Management


The Business Research Project is focused on a set of internally designed case studies. A range of cases are available and these enables students to work in smaller groups for the lectures and seminars. By focusing on a particular case in detail, students will gain a deeper appreciation of the types of real-world, practical problems faced by managers and the skills to research these issues in greater depth. In addition to developing specific research, critical thinking and report writing skills, this module will build upon and integrate knowledge and skills from previous modules and will combine both structured and independent learning.


Learning outcomes

By the end of the module students should be able to:

• Demonstrate their ability to carry out a research project in depth
• Enhance their knowledge of different perspectives and practices of researching business and management
• Develop an understanding of the strengths and limitations of different approaches and methods to analysing research.
• Demonstrate practical skills in literature search, selection and synthesis.
• Develop their skills in working independently, without close supervision or guidance.
• Develop their skills in working as part of a team.
• Provide a clear appreciation of the problem outlined in the case study and draw links between management practice and academic studies.
• Demonstrate their ability to carry out independent research and critical analysis.

Teaching and learning methods

Lecture hours: 24

Seminar and Surgery hours: 22

The module will also provide additional supervision and support during semester three.


Assessment methods

Group presentation (20%)

Individual report (80%)


Feedback methods

Feedback and support will be provided within the lectures, seminars, surgery sessions, by email and following group work and assessments. This will be in both verbal and written forms and will include formative feedback.



Recommended reading

Polonsky M and Waller D (2010) Designing and Managing a Research Project: A Business Student's Guide, Sage.

Study hours

Scheduled activity hours
Lectures 23
Seminars 23
Independent study hours
Independent study 450

Teaching staff

Staff member Role
Christine McLean Unit coordinator

Additional notes

Informal Contact Method

Office Hours
Peer Assisted Study Sessions
Drop in Surgeries (extra help sessions for students on material they may be struggling with)

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