MSc ACS: Computer Security / Careers

Year of entry: 2024

Career opportunities

Photo of Chris Ensor, NCSC Deputy Director for Cyber Growth

I am delighted to say MSc ACS Cyber Security at The University of Manchester is certified by the NCSC.

Offering a certified degree helps prospective students make informed choices about their future career prospects in cyber security, and employers can rest assured graduates of this course will be well-taught and have valued industry skills.

Chris Ensor / NCSC Deputy Director for Cyber Growth

The MSc Computer Security has an excellent record of employment for its graduates. Opportunities exist in fields as diverse as finance, films and games, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, consumer products, and public services - virtually all areas of business and society. Manchester Computer Science MSc courses are considered among the best in the country and our graduates are actively targeted for the very top jobs in industry and academia.

Security plays a role in almost all areas where computers are being used, including, for example, finance, healthcare, consumer products, and public services.  Thus students who have followed the Computer Security pathway will be ideally placed in any of these areas, especially in positions where they need to be aware of security issues and solutions.

We maintain close relationships with potential employers and run various activities throughout the year, including career fairs, guest lectures, and projects run jointly with partners from industry. This is managed by our Employability Tutor; see the Department of Computer Science's employability pages for more information.

Accrediting organisations

MSc ACS Computer Security is an NCSC-certified course.

Through the protection of information carried online, the National Cyber Security Centre keeps critical IT infrastructure, data, systems, and communications safe against a variety of threats every year.