DProf Doctorate in Professional Practice / Application and selection

Year of entry: 2024

How to apply

If you wish to be considered for Doctorate in Professional Practice and meet our eligibility criteria, you must complete the online admissions application form to apply for this programme. Ensure you include all required supporting documents at the time of submission, or this may delay the processing of your application.

Application deadline

Applications must be submitted online well in advance of your anticipated start date to be considered. You will not be able to apply after these deadlines have passed.

  • September entry only: 15 June (year of entry)

Advice to applicants

In addition to the formal online application, you should send all supporting documents (Brief Professional CV, Identified training needs relevant to the project, Research proposal, transcripts, certificates, Letter of support from employer/line manager, English language ability (if applicable)).

About the Research Proposal  

The doctorate research proposal should consist of:

  • Background summary (1500 words)
  • Research proposal (1500 words) to include aims and hypotheses, methodology (sample to be accessed, measures suitable, ethical considerations), and description of proposed analysis.
  • Impact (300 words)
  • Lay summary (300 words).

About the Portfolio of Evidence

You must present a portfolio of evidence / an evidence library of approximately 5,000 words that demonstrates that you are working at level 8 (doctoral level professional work) (APEL equivalent to 30 credits).

Interview requirements

If shortlisted you will be invited to formal interview where you will be required to present your research idea to a panel including those who would be suitable supervisors.  Interview and selection will be made on the basis of academic merit and promise.  


If you applied in the previous year and your application was not successful you may apply again. Your application will be considered against the standard course entry criteria for that year of entry.  In your new application you should demonstrate how your application has improved.  We may draw upon all information from your previous applications or any previous registrations at the University as a student when assessing your suitability for your chosen programme.