Javed Ahmed

Javed took part in the MAP programme during his A-levels at Oldham Sixth Form College and graduated from the general strand in 2016.

He studied Physics, Maths and Electronics which led him to apply and be accepted onto the Mechanical Engineering course at The University of Manchester.

Tell us a bit about yourself.

MAP was the first time I did an extra-curricular activity outside of school or college and it opened the door to all the activities and projects I’ve taken part in since. Since MAP I’ve volunteered for a youth organisation, organising various social and educational events. I’ve also volunteered for multiple charities and organised numerous charity projects (football tournaments, hikes, bike rides etc.) Between sixth form and university I took a gap year, during which I worked at a local secondary school tutoring Maths and History and I worked weekends as a Maths tutor.

How did you hear about the MAP?

I heard about MAP from my older sister, who also completed MAP and got an offer to study Child Nursing as a result. I heard nothing but positive things about MAP, and I had been looking forward to it (and telling others about MAP) since the beginning of college.

What did you enjoy the most about participating on the scheme?

My favourite part of the programme was getting an insight into university life (lectures, group projects and presentations) and experiencing first-hand what The University of Manchester has to offer. I also really enjoyed meeting new people and socialising with students who I would then go on to study with once I started university. From the beginning of the course I was dreading the academic assignment (I’m not really the writing type) however with all the help I received it was surprisingly easy and even quite enjoyable. Through the assignment I’ve picked up a lot of transferable skills that will no doubt help me through all my years at university (and beyond).

How did the programme help you to get to where you are now?

Through my MAP experience I feel a lot more confident navigating through university, keeping up with course content and deadlines, but also, I feel a lot more comfortable meeting new people and socialising. As a result, my networking and communication skills (with my lecturers, academic advisors and peers) has enhanced greatly and my confidence (especially with presentations) has improved. I feel as though the whole MAP experience has been nothing but beneficial.

What advice would you give others who are thinking of applying to the programme?

To anyone thinking of applying to the programme, I would advise that you don’t hesitate and apply as soon as the applications open. The University of Manchester is one of the best and most well-respected universities in the country so an opportunity to increase your chances of studying here and an opportunity to experience first-hand what the University is about, is unmissable. The skills you develop from the programme will benefit you, not only in university but also in working life.