Lulu Arundell

Lulu took part in the MAP programme during her A-levels at Aquinas College in Stockport.

She studied Politics, History and English which led her to apply and be accepted onto the Politics and Modern History course at The University of Manchester.

Tell us a bit about yourself.

Since starting MAP I have enjoyed getting work experience in local politics and an internship as a Kick Off Sport’s Reporter with BBC Sport Online. My internship was really insightful and gave me the experience of working in the journalism industry. It also gave me the opportunity to have my work published on the BBC Sport website which I feel extremely proud of.

How did you hear about the MAP?

I heard about MAP through a talk at college.

What did you enjoy the most about participating on the scheme?

Participating in the scheme has helped me meet one of my best friends and meet people from similar backgrounds to myself. The programme also introduced me to referencing which was a terrific skill to have during my second year of A-levels in particular. My early exposure to referencing definitely put me at an advantage among my classmates.

How did the programme help you to get to where you are now?

MAP gave me an insight into what university was actually like. Nobody in my immediate family had ever been to university so without MAP I wouldn’t have known what to expect. The programme has really made my experience at The University of Manchester better as I feel more connected to the university and the campus, as I’ve been visiting it since my first year of A-levels.

What advice would you give others who are thinking of applying to the programme?

Don’t hesitate, just apply! Without MAP I’m not sure I would be in the position I am currently in. It’s honestly the best thing I did during college.