Samuel Lane-Super

Samuel took part in the MAP programme during his A-levels at Ashton Sixth Form and graduated from the general strand in 2016.

He studied Mathematics, Physics, Economics and History, and is now studying BSc Mathematics at The University of Manchester. 

Tell us a bit about yourself.

As well as studying BSc Mathematics, I also work part-time as a Student Ambassador, helping out at university events such as MAP sessions.

How did you hear about the MAP?

I read about MAP in my college newsletter and decided to research it further by visiting the website. I had previously heard of the programme from my teachers and so when I saw that applications were open I jumped at the chance to apply.

What did you enjoy the most about participating on the scheme?

MAP’s University Life Conference was particularly fun. It was really interesting to use the University resources to collaborate with others on a project.

How did the programme help you to get to where you are now?

The scheme taught me the level of self-discipline that independent study requires. It also boosted my confidence and enhanced my ability to present to others.

What advice would you give others who are thinking of applying to the programme?

Definitely apply! MAP is such a unique experience which will boost your academic and personal skills, as well as providing you with lots of opportunities to network with other students.