How to apply

Find out how to complete our online application form for the Manchester Access Programme.

Applications for MAP 2024 will open in November 2023.

Before you apply, please check that the programme is right for you and that you meet all the essential and at least one priority criteria on our eligibility page

Once you’ve checked the eligibility criteria and feel the Programme is right for you, it’s time to choose your MAP strand.

Choosing your MAP strand

There are three strands of MAP: Medicine, Dentistry and General, each with their own eligibility criteria.

1. Medicine or Dentistry strands are for applicants who have an interest in pursuing Medicine or Dentistry at university and meet the additional GCSE and A-level criteria. 

2. The general strand is for applicants who have an interest in pursuing any other course at university that is not Medicine or Dentistry. This includes other healthcare courses like Optometry and Pharmacy.

Application form

If you wish to apply to MAP, please complete the application form.

The application form for MAP 2024 will open in early November 2023.

The deadline for applications is 11.59pm on Sunday, 10 December 2023.