Parents and carers

Key information for parents and carers to help you support young adults applying for the programme.

We appreciate what important role parents and carers play in helping young adults navigate their future once they leave school or college.

Below, we have put together an overview of the programme and how you can support a Year 12 student looking to apply.

Who can apply?

The programme is for Year 12 students in Greater Manchester who meet the eligibility criteria.

Programme overview

Learning environment

Student safety is our number one priority, so we’ve decided to run all compulsory MAP activities, workshops and events online in 2022.

We also aim to host optional in-person, on-campus events in spring and summer 2022 in line with university guidelines on social distancing and student safety. Attendance at any in-person, on-campus events will be optional.

Students will have access to Blackboard, The University of Manchester’s online teaching platform, and all interactive activities and events will be accessible via video conferencing and webinar software. Students will be able to fully participate in the programme in a safe, accessible and engaging online learning environment.

Students will spend around 50 hours on MAP, including the independent study time taken to complete the academic assignment.


We use a dynamic risk assessment model to constantly review the safety of the online platforms we use.

We have a variety of measures to ensure the safety of your child while they are on the programme, including DBS checks for all relevant staff and additional safety protocols and guidance for using the Zoom platform safely.

The University’s Child Safeguarding policy (PDF, 218KB) has also been updated to take into account the new approach to online learning.


If a student becomes ill while on the programme we are able to offer flexibility to allow them to complete the programme once recovered.

Expectations of students

If a student is successful in gaining a place on MAP, they will be expected to complete and pass all compulsory modules and can take part in any optional events that they are interested in.

Each student signs up to the MAP Student Charter at the beginning of the programme. This outlines our expectations of the students and details the disciplinary procedures that we will put in place if a student does not adhere to the Student Charter.

We try to schedule activities around school and college commitments. Where possible, we try to give students a choice of dates to attend any live online workshops or activities.

We, therefore, do not expect students to miss classes for MAP.

Entry to The University of Manchester

The Manchester Access Programme does not guarantee entry to The University of Manchester.

If a student successfully completes MAP, they are eligible for a reduced offer of up to two A-level grades (or equivalent), but will still need to meet this reduced offer to gain entry to the University.

If at confirmation of A-level results your child does not meet their reduced MAP offer, then they are not guaranteed a place at The University of Manchester. All decisions are at the discretion of the Admissions Tutors.

Want to speak to someone?

Each school or college has a Link Coordinator who is in touch with the MAP team and therefore knows what MAP entails.


Further information

If you want to find out more about the Manchester Access Programme, please email

For general information for parents and carers of young people considering attending the University, explore our guide for supporters