Undergraduate Access Scholarships

Undergraduate Access Scholarships are awarded to students who successfully complete MAP and start an undergraduate course at The University of Manchester.

If you are a prospective or current MAP student, you can find out more about this and other scholarships at the University by visiting our student finance pages.

Our Undergraduate Access Scholarships are generously funded by our alumni community and donors.

Alumni case study

Albert (Alby) Pattison: donor to the Undergraduate Access Scholarship

Background information

I graduated in 1980 with an Honours degree in Biochemistry. My first job came soon after graduation at North Manchester General Hospital in the Haematology Department. I enjoyed working in this field and have remained in the haematology field ever since. I moved from Manchester to Sunderland hospitals in 1982 and then, in 1983 joined Sterling Drug Inc and established a haematology and clinical biochemistry laboratory to support drug toxicology studies. I have published a number of papers relating to this work. In 1989 I started working in the medical device field for Helena Laboratories, setting up R&D in the area of clinical electrophoresis testing and blood coagulation testing. In 2002 I formed Hart Biologicals, a specialist manufacturer and developer of biological reagents used in the investigation of blood coagulation and platelet function disorders in areas such as community management of warfarin, direction of blood transfusion in acute bleeding in surgery or trauma and the investigation of anti-platelet drugs such as Aspirin and Clopidogrel.

Why did you decide to support the Undergraduate Access Scholarship?

I was quite fortunate to have attended university at a time when local government grants were available to support University education. My parents would certainly have struggled to be able to pay the sort of fees that are needed to attend University today. Therefore, I decided to support the Undergraduate Access Scholarship to play a small part in making university education available to those who might otherwise find it difficult as I understand fully the difficulties that paying fees can bring. I have 2 children who have been through the system recently, so we also have student loans!

How does it feel to know you are supporting young people through their higher education?

Higher education is one of the critical factors in future career decision making for a lot of young adults. I’m very happy to think that our support will hopefully remove some of the stresses related to that progression through their education – worrying about finances constantly must be really distracting.

What engagement do you have with your scholarship students?

I’ve met 3 of the MAP scholarship recipients recently at events on campus and I’ve also received written feedback and updates from the students whose scholarships I fund which is nice to receive and it’s great to hear about how they are getting on with their studies and university life in general.

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