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Discover what's in store for you on the Manchester Access Programme.

Applications for MAP 2024 are now open. The closing date is Sunday, 10 December at 11.59pm.

I gained a lot of new knowledge about university from MAP. It was a great experience. I got to see a glimpse into what university life is like, meet new people and experience things like lectures and writing university style essays.”

MAP 2023 participant.

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Benefits of the programme

If you successfully complete the programme, you’ll get access to three special benefits:

Lower entry requirements for undergraduate courses at Manchester

You will be eligible to receive a reduced offer of up to two A-level grades* (or equivalent, depending on the qualifications you study) taken off the standard entry requirements.

Undergraduate Access Scholarship

If you study at The University of Manchester, you’ll receive an annual scholarship currently worth £1,000 per year.

The scholarship is dependent on the year of entry and is on top of any other financial support you may be eligible for at the University.

Support with your application

We will give you advice and guidance on your UCAS application and how to write an effective personal statement.

If you decide to apply to Manchester, you’ll have the opportunity to receive an early decision on your application before you apply through UCAS.

*Subject-specific grade requirements may still apply for some courses. Only students on the Medicine strand are eligible for the reduced offer for Medicine, and only students on the Dentistry strand of MAP are eligible for the reduced offer for Dentistry. The reduced MAP offer does not apply to any foundation or pre-entry year courses. Successful completion of the programme does not guarantee entry to The University of Manchester.

Programme modules

There are four compulsory modules that you will do as part of the programme. They will be delivered through a mix of online and on-campus activities which are designed to help prepare you for university. Previous modules have included:

Start your Journey

Provides an overview of the programme and a tour of the Manchester campus, as well as how to find out about university courses, admissions and entry requirements.

Academic module

We will support you, along with an Academic Tutor (either a University staff member or a postgraduate researcher), to write a 1,500-word original essay on a subject of your choice. To assist in this, you will attend a Research and Referencing Skills lecture to prepare you for writing the assignment.

Your Future, Your Choice

Visit a University of Manchester Open Day to learn about student life and discover more about the subjects you’re interested in.

Make Yourself a Success

A chance for you to develop skills that will help you succeed in the university application process, your time at university, and beyond.

Please note, these were the compulsory modules for MAP 2023. The content and structure of compulsory modules for MAP 2024 may be subject to change. Full details will be provided once the programme begins in spring 2024.

Optional activities

There is also a wide range of optional online activities and workshops that you can choose to attend, which will allow you to get even more out of MAP.

Recent examples include our Medicine and Dentistry Conference, Get to Know the Library session, Managing your Money at University, and Personal Statement one-to-ones.

MAP 2024 programme timeline

Early November 2023 Applications open
11.59pm Sunday, 10 December 2023 Applications close
January to March 2024 Applications reviewed and places confirmed
April 2024 Start your Journey event
May 2024 Academic module starts
May 2024 Research and Referencing Skills lecture
May 2024 Meeting with your academic tutor to discuss the academic assignment
June 2024 Your Future, Your Choice (attend a University open day)
July 2024 Make Yourself a Success event
July 2024

Second meeting with your academic tutor to discuss feedback on your first draft

August 2024 Submit academic assignment
September to December 2024 Decision Manchester
October 2024 Completion of the programme

We estimate that it will take around 50 hours to complete MAP, including the independent study time needed to complete the academic assignment.

The compulsory modules and proposed delivery dates given above could be subject to change. However, all compulsory activities will be scheduled to fit in with your Year 12 study and school holidays and you won't need to miss any classes to participate in the programme.

Learning environment

MAP is delivered in a hybrid model with a mix of on-campus and online modules, events and activities.

You'll have the opportunity to experience our world-class teaching facilities in-person and have access to online resources and modules via Blackboard, our online teaching platform.

Access to Higher Education courses

Please note, MAP is not an Access to Higher Education course and is for students in Year 12.

You will need to contact your local further education colleges for more information.

If you are over 21, you may find our information for mature students helpful.