UGCert Egyptology / Application and selection

Year of entry: 2022

How to apply


The application form can be found in the link below. You must include the two following questions in the form's personal statement section (no more than 200 words for each answer):

  • Why does Egyptology interest you?
  • When you watch television programmes, consult the internet, read books or encounter new theories about Ancient Egypt you have to make judgements about the information presented.  How do you decide what to believe?


Applications for this course close on 19th September, 2022. Only applications with the above information included in the personal statement will be considered. 

Advice to applicants

Computer requirements 

The course is delivered completely online using the Blackboard learning environment. 

You will need a computer with internet connection to access the course. 

Access to a scanner, digital camera or an all-in-one printer is also recommended for the hieroglyphic element of the course. 

Accessing the course on a mobile device 

Our students can expect to have access to lecture materials, video lectures, discussion boards, quizzes and submission areas via web browsers on mobile devices (such as tablets and smartphones), assuming they have access to a good mobile data or Wi-Fi signal. 

If you are planning to use a tablet as your primary device, you must ensure that it has a reasonably good specification for accessing the internet and viewing videos. 

Your tablet should have word processing software. 

While access is available via smartphones, we advise that students do not use a smartphone as their only device, as the screen size will cause difficulties in some aspects of the course, such as essay writing, and may make some areas of the course difficult to read.