BA French and Chinese

Year of entry: 2024

Course unit details:
French Language 1

Course unit fact file
Unit code FREN51011
Credit rating 20
Unit level Level 1
Teaching period(s) Semester 1
Available as a free choice unit? No


This course unit consists of intensive language tuition in spoken and written French at ab-initio level, and is designed to suit beginners as well as students with a GCSE in the French language. The textbook employed harnesses a wide range of socio-cultural resources in order to introduce students to grammatical, lexical, phonetic and communicative aspects of the French language and thus develop their listening, reading, speaking and writing skills. There are regular opportunities for formative and summative assessment. Based around small group teaching and student-centred learning, students will take an active and responsible role in their own language acquisition. 

Classes are complemented by an independent language learning programme and teaching and learning are supported by the Blackboard virtual learning environment.


Focusing on a variety of topics (including culture, society, current affairs, history and politics) through audio-visual and printed media, it aims to equip students with the language skills needed for competent spoken and written communication.   

Knowledge and understanding

By the end of this course students will be able to:

  • understand and deploy the structures, registers and pragmatic aspects of French appropriate for a basic level A2 of the Common European Framework

  • understand a range of social, cultural, intellectual and professional issues in France and the French speaking world, as reflected in the materials studied

Intellectual skills

By the end of this course students will be able to: 

  • apply appropriate linguistic concepts 

  • analyse and interpret acquired information and synthesise it as knowledge 

Practical skills

By the end of this course students will be able to: 

  • read and understand a range of text types relating to socio-cultural aspects of France and the French speaking world. 

  • demonstrate active understanding of most of the essential linguistic structures covered in the set textbook, and a passive understanding of the rest 

  • communicate appropriately in written and spoken French 

Transferable skills and personal qualities

By the end of this course students will be able to: 

  • take responsibility for their own learning, manage time and work to deadlines 

  • work independently to produce a portfolio, showing an understanding of learning how to learn within the cycle of planning, action and reflection 

  • work effectively and constructively as part of a group 

  • show an awareness and responsiveness to the nature and extent of cultural diversity 

  • use information and communications technology effectively and appropriately 

Employability skills

Written and oral communication skills; team-work; leadership; negotiation skills; research skills, problem-solving; adaptability; decision-making; time management; initiative; self-discipline; organization; life-long learning skills; self-reflection; action planning; self-confidence; IT skills; increased intercultural awareness

Assessment methods

Assessment task  

Weighting within unit (if summative) 

  • Grammar skills 

  • Listening skills 

  • Written skills 

Written section 20% 

Listening section 20% 


  • Oral  


  • ILP Dossier  




Feedback methods

  • Written comments plus face-to-face discussion if desired (on the understanding that this will de-anonymize work assessed summatively) 

  • In-class plenary correction sessions for some formative assessment tasks 

  • Blackboard will also be used for posting global feedback on certain assessments 

Recommended reading

Set texts:  

M. Cocton, D. Dupleix, E. Heu, E. Kasazian, D. Ripaud, Saison 1 - Livre + CD audio + DVD (Paris, Didier, 2015) 

M. Cocton, D. Dupleix, E. Heu, E. Kasazian, D. Ripaud, Saison 1 - Cahier + CD audio (Paris, Didier, 2015) 


Recommended reading:   

Grégoire, M, Grammaire Progressive du Français, niveau débutant, 2e édition (CLE International, 2010)  

Grégoire, M, Grammaire Progressive du Français, CORRIGES, niveau débutant, 2e édition (CLE International, 2010)  

T. Thacker and C. d’Angelo, Essentiel French Grammar, (London and New York, Routledge, 2013) 

Morton, J., English Grammar for Students of French, 7th Edition (O+H Press, 2013) 

A good bilingual dictionary (Oxford Hachette French Dictionary or Collins Robert French Dictionary) 

Fernandez-Toro, M., and F. Jones, DIY Techniques for Language Learners (London: Centre for Information on Language Learning and Research, 2001) 

Study hours

Scheduled activity hours
Seminars 55
Independent study hours
Independent study 145

Teaching staff

Staff member Role
Annie Morton Unit coordinator
Anne Simonin Unit coordinator

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