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Year of entry: 2024

Course unit details:
Business Economics

Course unit fact file
Unit code BMAN10612
Credit rating 10
Unit level Level 1
Teaching period(s) Semester 2
Available as a free choice unit? Yes


Analysing market demand, factors affecting firms; cost, profit analysis, pricing, competition in various kinds of market structure, strategic behaviour, firm growth (mergers and acquisitions), the impact of governments on company policies, interpreting economic data, the macroeconomic environment.  In analysing all these topics, the course relies heavily on, and where practical, current examples and case studies, rather than mathematical modelling. 




To provide an insight into the nature and usefulness of economic analysis, focusing on those concepts that are relevant to the needs of businesses.

Learning outcomes

At the end of the course students should be able to list and analyse the factors influencing the sales revenue and profitability, explain various pricing concepts and strategies, analyse the factors determining the intensity and type of competition in different markets, understand key strategies used by firms to pursue growth, give examples of the impact that government policies can have on companies, interpret basic economic data and summarise recent developments in the economy.

Teaching and learning methods

Lectures:  24 hours - 2 hrs per week x 12 weeks
Private Study: 76 hours
Total Study: 100 hours

Total study hours: 100 hours split between lectures, classes, self-study, readings, preparation for classes and examinations.

Assessment methods

Written examination (100%). 


Feedback methods

- Informal advice and discussion at the end of lectures and during office hours.
- Online exercises and quizzes delivered through the Blackboard course space.
- Responses to student emails and questions.
- Specific course related feedback sessions.
- Generic feedback posted on Blackboard regarding overall examination performance.

Recommended reading

Any of the following books will be good introductory texts to accompany most of the issues in the lectures. Please note, no one text will cover all the issues:

- John Sloman & Kevin Hinde & Dean Garratt (core text, any edition), Economics for Business, Prentice Hall

- David Begg & Damian Ward (alternative text, any edition), Economics for Business, McGrawHill




Study hours

Scheduled activity hours
Assessment written exam 2
Lectures 24
Independent study hours
Independent study 74

Teaching staff

Staff member Role
Adrien Querbes Unit coordinator

Additional notes

Length of course: 12 weeks
Pre-requisites: None
Co-requisites: None
Dependent course units: None

Programme Restrictions: Available as a free choice option to students who have received prior agreement from their registering School. Not available to BSc in Management/Management (Specialism), IMABS, IM, BSc Accounting, ITMB & IBFE.

BMAN10612 is available to visiting and exchange students admitted through the Study Abroad Unit at the University of Manchester.

For Academic Year 2024/25

Updated: March 2024

Approved by: March UG Committee


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