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BSc Computer Science / Course details

Year of entry: 2024

Course unit details:
New Product Development and Innovation

Course unit fact file
Unit code BMAN20821
Credit rating 10
Unit level Level 2
Teaching period(s) Semester 1
Available as a free choice unit? Yes


*The Innovating Firm in its Environment
*The Nature of the Innovation Process
*Models of Innovation
*Organisation of R&D
*Innovation and Strategy
*Technological standards and rivalry
*Technology and Innovation Strategy tools
*The Innovative Organisation


Pre-requisites: N/A
Co-requisites: N/A
Dependent courses: N/A


This course is concerned with the strategic management of developing and acquiring technology in the modern business organisation for the development of new products.  The course deals with:
*The issues involved in managing product innovation and managing the medium-term and long-term development of technology in firms;
*The ways in which business strategies and technological competencies interact in the firm;
*Concepts and 'tools' needed to analyse firms innovation and technology strategies.

Learning outcomes

On completion of this course, students should:

*Understand the nature of innovation and innovation processes

*Understand the issues involved in managing new product innovation and the development of technology in firms and the ways in which business strategies and technological competencies interact;

*Appreciate the range of frameworks, and the strengths and weaknesses of them, that are used in analyses of the strategic management of technology.

*Have an appreciation of the concepts and "tools" needed to analyse firms’ innovation and technology strategies

*Develop through practice the essential generic skills of: academic writing (including referencing); seminar presentation; group working; interactive group discussion; how to access business information and databases to identify material about firms’ technology and other strategies, how to use this material, using research-based concepts, to analyse a firm’s strategies of developing new products and technologies.

Teaching and learning methods

Methods of delivery: Lectures & Seminar

Lecture hours:  12 (2 hours per week in weeks 1 and 11; 1 hour per week in weeks 2 to 10).
Seminar hours: 8 (1 hour in week 2 to 5 and 7 to 10, following the 1 hour lecture)
Private study: 80
Total study hours: 100
Total study hours: 100 hours split between lectures, classes, self study and preparation for classes, coursework and examinations

Informal Contact Methods
•    Office Hours
•    By appointment by email



Assessment methods

1 x individual essay (75%) and 1 group essay (25%)


Feedback methods

- Informal advice and discussion during a lecture, seminar, workshop or lab.

- Responses to student emails and questions from a member of staff including feedback provided to a group via an online discussion forum.

- Specific course related feedback sessions.

- Written and/or verbal comments on assessed or non-assessed coursework.

- Written and/or verbal comments after students have given a group or individual presentation.

- Generic feedback posted on Blackboard regarding overall examination performance.

Recommended reading

Tidd, J. and Bessant, J., Managing Innovation: Integrating Technological, Market and Organisational Change, Wiley, Sixth Edition, 2021.

Study hours

Scheduled activity hours
Lectures 12
Seminars 8
Independent study hours
Independent study 80

Additional notes

Programme Restrictions: Available as a free choice option to students who have received prior agreement from their registering School. Not available to BSc in Management/Management (Specialism), IMABS, IM and ITMB.
BMAN20821 is available to study abroad and exchange students admitted through the University of Manchester’s International Programmes Office.

For Academic Year 2023/24

Updated: March 2023

Approved by: March UG Committee


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