BSc Mathematics / Course details

Year of entry: 2024

Course unit details:
Independent Study and Technical Explanations

Course unit fact file
Unit code EEEN31001
Credit rating 10
Unit level Level 3
Teaching period(s) Semester 1
Available as a free choice unit? No


You will independently study a technical topic of your choosing* related to your degree title then clearly explain it to your peers or the public by creating learning resources (e.g. videos, workbooks, and/or interactive notes). This is an opportunity for you to explore an area of interest while building useful skills for your career.


The syllabus will include material on topics such as: finding and evaluating course material, creating effective graphics, recording videos, why explaining is hard, giving useful feedback, and similar. Where possible it will also include guest lectures discussing how and how often these skills are used in industry.


The unit aims to:


Prepare you for work in industry by helping you 1) learn independently, 2) gain a deep understanding of new topics, and 3) skilfully communicate and explain those topics to peers.


The skill of quickly learning about a technical topic and explaining to others is a very desirable one for employers and one you will use a lot in a graduate role.

Learning outcomes

ILO1 Plan and record independent self-learning in the investigation of advanced or emerging technologies. (Taught and Assessed)

ILO2 Find, critically analyse, and organise information from books, the web, and published research. (Taught and Assessed)

ILO3 Design and build learning material to communicate complex matters effectively. (Taught and Assessed)

ILO4 Evaluate the effectiveness of learning material that explains a technical or complex area. (Taught and Assessed)

Assessment methods

Lab and Coursework assignments:

Logbook/ reflective journal (15%)

Peer feedback (15%)

Learning resource (70%)

Feedback methods

Lab and Coursework assignments:

Logbook/ reflective journal (15%) - ongoing through the course

Peer feedback (15%) - as part of the activity

Learning resource (70%) - Comments on submission

Recommended reading