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BSc/MChem Chemistry with an Integrated Foundation Year

Year of entry: 2024

Course unit details:
Chemistry 3

Course unit fact file
Unit code FOUN10052
Credit rating 10
Unit level Level 1
Teaching period(s) Semester 2
Available as a free choice unit? No


This course will provide detailed knowledge and understanding of a range of Chemistry topics and is intended for destination degree courses that relate closely to Chemistry. The course relies heavily on self-study supported by extensive tutorial tuition.  


The aim is to provide detailed knowledge and understanding of a range of Chemistry topics, which is intended for destination degree courses and will relate closely to Chemistry.

Teaching and learning methods

1 lecture and 16 Tutorials

Knowledge and understanding

  • Develop information retrieval skills
  • Develop a detailed knowledge of organic nomenclature and extensively practice inter-conversion of names and structures.
  • Gain detailed understanding of aromatic electrophilic substitution including creation and stabilisation of an electrophile, the mechanistic pathway of ring attack, ring activation / deactivation, ring direction, resonance and the inductive effect.
  • Complete review of electrochemistry from single electrode potential through the standard hydrogen electrode to standard electrode potentials and subsequently cells.  Thorough review and clarification of formal conventions.
  • Detailed knowledge of polymer synthesis, structure, physical and chemical properties and uses in our modern world.


Intellectual skills

  • Enhanced information retrieval, assessment, organisation and presentation and referencing skills.
  • Application of chemical principles and concepts to the solution of numerical problems.
  • Presentation of arguments and ideas logically.


Practical skills

  • Retrieval of information electronically and in physical copy versions.


Transferable skills and personal qualities

  • Develop the following study skills: time management, concentration, effective questioning, note taking, reasoned argument, problem solving, information retrieval and appraisal, revision and examination techniques.
  • The tutorials present the opportunity to improve formal interaction skills through extensive questioning during tuition – this is absolutely necessary.


Assessment methods

Method Weight
Written exam 80%
Written assignment (inc essay) 20%

Feedback methods

  • Marks and extensive feedback on coursework assignments will be returned one week after submission of reports and subsequent tutorials will exhaustively review the material required for each assignment. Any questions you have concerning the material will be answered in the tutorials.  

Study hours

Scheduled activity hours
Assessment written exam 2
Lectures 1
Tutorials 16
Independent study hours
Independent study 81

Teaching staff

Staff member Role
Jonathan Agger Unit coordinator

Additional notes

80% of unit grade
2 hour long examination

20% of unit grade
Four self-study coursework assignments, each counting 5% towards your unit grade.
Chemistry 3 is a self-study course designed to develop your literature researching and information dissemination skills. You will complete four self-study assignments each counting 5% towards your unit grade. Each assignment presents a topic and an explanation of the information you are expected to research. You are required to produce an individual, electronically word-processed report of your findings. The examination will cover all the material presented in the four assignments so please do not underestimate the importance of the course work. #

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