Study abroad as part of your Manchester degree

Study abroad allows you to undertake part of your undergraduate degree outside of the UK at one of our exchange partner universities.

We have partnerships with many institutions throughout Europe and across the globe – and our network continues to grow.

Benefits of study abroad

  • Enjoy the opportunity of a lifetime
  • Experience a different education style, gaining a new perspective on your subject area 
  • Enhance your future employability and broaden your global network
  • Personal development - gain independence and life experience
  • Improve your language skills and cultural awareness
  • Make lifelong friends from around the world

Counting time abroad towards your Manchester degree

Studying abroad will count towards your degree, either the partner university will share your results from your time spent with them and we will convert these into UK grades and count them towards your final degree classification or your time abroad will be recognised in your degree title, eg Geography with International Study.

Stay up to date

You can get the latest on study abroad at Manchester through our social media sites and you can find out more about what it’s like to study abroad through our blog, Manchester On The Road, written by Manchester students currently studying abroad.

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