Study abroad as part of your Manchester degree

Studying abroad is an academically rewarding and culturally enriching experience that will help you gain new perspectives and enhance your employability.

At Manchester, most of our undergraduate courses offer the opportunity to spend time abroad in more than 30 countries, studying at one of nearly 300 partner universities that include some of the most prestigious institutions in the world.

Why study abroad?

Gain a new perspective

Studying abroad gives you the chance to experience a different education style and culture during your degree. Many of our partner universities offer modules and specialisms you may not have come across in Manchester, meaning you're likely to gain a fresh perspective on your subject area too.

Enhance your employability

Stand out from the crowd by adding new global skills and experience to your CV. UUKi has found that students who go abroad are 10% more likely to be in a graduate job six months after graduation, 19% more likely to gain a first-class degree and 20% less likely to be unemployed.

Broaden your global network

Establish new connections from all over the world; build a network to support your future career; and form friendships that last a lifetime.

Gain life experience

Studying abroad is an opportunity to learn about yourself. Gain independence, build your resilience and experience new cultures.

See the world

Not only will you experience a new country with its unique culture, customs and lifestyle, but you can also take the opportunity to travel more widely, whether that's within your host country or further afield.

Improve your language skills

Studying abroad offers the chance to learn a new language or develop existing skills by living in a country where English is not the most widely spoken language. Your subject may be taught in English, but your host university may offer language courses and you will have the opportunity to practise with local people and other students.