Most students on an undergraduate programme at The University of Manchester can apply to spend time at one of our overseas partner universities.

Courses with a study abroad option

Explore all of our 2023 entry courses that offer an opportunity to study abroad.

If you're interested in spending a full academic year abroad, choose a four-year undergraduate course that features an additional compulsory year, such as a course with a language component or a degree programme with 'international study'.

Most of our other undergraduate courses also allow you to spend some time (usually a semester) at one of our partner institutions.

Courses where the degree is structured or accredited by an external body, such as Electrical Engineering or Pharmacy, in most cases, do not allow for students to go abroad during their studies.

Entry requirements

To be eligible to apply for the Study Abroad programme you will need to have:

  • the minimum academic average specified for your programme (for many programmes, this is a 60% average but a higher average may be required by some academic schools; where study abroad is a compulsory part of the programme, a reduced average may be specified);
  • a satisfactory attendance record;
  • an A-level or equivalent qualification in the relevant language (if you will be undertaking teaching provision that is not in English).

When would I go?

  • If you are on a three-year course, your semester abroad would take place in Year Two and you would need to apply in Year One.
  • If you are on a four-year course, your full-year abroad would take place in Year Three and you would need to apply in Year Two.

Counting time towards your Manchester degree

Studying abroad will contribute towards your degree: either the grades from your partner university will be converted into UK grades and go towards your final degree classification, or your time abroad will be recognised in your degree title, for example Geography with International Study.

A photograph of Shanghai waterfront.

Summer schools

If your course does not offer the opportunity to study abroad, or you want to go away for a shorter amount of time than is usually offered, you can choose to take part in one of a number of summer schools at our partner universities.

Whether you are looking to experience a new place, brush up on your language skills or simply see your subject from a new perspective, these short programmes offer a great opportunity to study abroad over the summer break.