Eligibility for study abroad

To study abroad, you need a good academic average from your A-level and/or first-year university results.

The minimum average we require is usually 60%. Some partner universities and some academic Schools will require a higher average in your first year in order to participate.

Language requirements

To study in most European countries you are generally expected to have an A-level, or equivalent experience, in the language of the country you intend to study in. 

However, partner universities in Scandinavia, the Netherlands, Poland and Turkey typically teach in English, as do a few of our partners in Spain, France and Germany. Most of our worldwide partners teach in English, including institutions in Hong Kong, Singapore and South Korea. 

Exceptions are Seoul National University, where most classes are taught in Korean, and all our partners in Latin America. You need an A-level or equivalent experience in Spanish to study in Chile, Mexico, or Argentina, and equivalent Portuguese language skills to go to Brazil.