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Manchester Engineering Campus Development (MECD)

The Manchester Engineering Campus Development is the new home of engineering and material science at The University of Manchester.

Engineering buildings A and B are now open to students for teaching and learning ahead of our full opening in September 2022.

View our 360 virtual tours of the MECD theatres, labs, and teaching spaces

Schuster Annexe

The Schuster Annexe was added to the Schuster Building, home of the Department of Physics and Astronomy, to improve the student and research experience. The Annexe provides innovative and collaborative learning spaces, along with a flexible new 'ideas mill'.

Chemistry Building

The Chemistry Building offers a range of facilities that benefit students and research activities across the Department, including multimillion-pound laboratories and X-ray crystallography suite.

Alan Turing Building

The home of the Department of Mathematics is named after Alan Turing, one of the great mathematical minds in our University’s history, who was based at Manchester following his work with the British Intelligence Service at Bletchley Park during World War II.

The building has strong, architectural features, including three floors separated by a large atrium and connected at either end by open bridges.

Kilburn Building

The Kilburn Building is home to the Department of Computer Science and is named after Tom Kilburn, who was responsible for creating the world's first stored-program computer programme here at Manchester.

The building is offers a range of collaborative working labs, specialist equipment and facilities for students.