Urban governance

The flow of people, resources and information within cities makes them dynamic, but can also make gathering intelligence to inform policy a challenge. The University of Manchester is addressing this challenge, to make urban policy and initiatives better informed.

Policy and planning– we're building a complete picture

At The University of Manchester we know that understanding cities is about understanding the relationships that drive them.

The flow of people, resources and information over areas and time is what makes cities dynamic places to live, learn and work. It can also make gathering robust intelligence for policy a challenge.

Our research uses flexible methods to capture dynamic change, so we can build a complete picture of life in cities to better inform spatial policy.

We help plan for changes over time. The world works better with us.

Urban deprivation – we're finding out what really works

Trying to tackle a challenge as complex as urban deprivation sparks debate around policy and conceptual issues. To reduce urban deprivation effectively, new policies and initiatives must be based on rigorous research.

Manchester researchers work with the government and councils to evaluate initiatives for reducing urban deprivation and improving social cohesion.

Our research and evaluation shape initiatives and approaches. The world works better with us.

The 2011 riots – we're sparking public and political debate

As cities get smarter, information is moving more quickly through more channels than ever before. When gathering information about events occurring in cities, we need to recognise and respond to this change.

Following the August 2011 riots in cities across England, University of Manchester researchers analysed more than 2.5 million riot-related tweets. They found more than 12,000 individuals mobilising support for community clean-up, and little to no evidence of incitement, challenging notions about the role social media played in the riots.

Our work challenges assumptions. The world works better with us.