As the requirement for secure, efficient, environmentally friendly energy production continues to grow, The University of Manchester is playing a major role in addressing that need. We’re developing innovative solutions through our nuclear research in areas encompassing energy generation, waste management and decommissioning.

Manchester has invested great efforts in nuclear energy research, building on our nuclear heritage with a firm focus on the future. Central to this has been the establishment of our Dalton Nuclear Institute in 2005.

We acknowledge our social responsibility and engage with government, industry, academia and the general public. We are a member of the UK's Nuclear Industry Council, leading the workstream on the public understanding of nuclear energy, and have increased our outreach activities with schools and the general public to promote wider understanding of the role of nuclear energy in a low-carbon future. 

We advise the government as part of the Nuclear Innovation Research Advisory Board, providing independent expert opinion and helping to shape the UK’s nuclear research strategy. 

We are committed to the UK nuclear research, education and skills agenda, and have strong links, both in the UK and overseas, with industry, academia, national laboratories and the nuclear regulator.

The world works better with us.