Investing in my future by Zenib

With your help, the University is able to provide Undergraduate Access Scholarships to talented but disadvantaged students so they can receive a world-class education.

Zenib’s story

It's surprising how fast the last four years of my dentistry degree have gone and I believe a massive part of that is due to my scholarship. I haven't had to worry too much about finances or feel like I was unable to do certain things because I wasn't able to afford it.

I'm so grateful that I can focus on my degree, my family and my well-being and not have to consider working overtime. The scholarship has covered my travel costs to my outreach placements in Salford and Moss Side as well as basic things like buying lunch and everyday necessities.

Fourth year


My fourth year has been challenging but rewarding. I have built on the theory learnt from previous years by putting them into practice during my outreach placement in Salford where I treat patients. I also spend time in Paediatrics in Moss Side, where I undertake dental work on children. Evidently, I have had much more clinical exposure this year and I feel like I have really developed my confidence and my communication skills.

I think the highlight for me this year was when I had an extremely nervous patient who didn't like her denture. I designed a more permanent fix for her front teeth which really transformed her smile and enhanced her self-esteem. She was so pleased that we were both in floods of happy tears! This made me realise the true meaning of patient and job satisfaction.


I also had a placement at North Manchester Hospital which was eye-opening. I shadowed doctors in different departments and saw the complex cases that patients bring and how they may affect their dental treatment. This really made me value the NHS and the services it provides.

I have saved some of my scholarship to spend during my elective in rural parts of Pakistan, which I am extremely excited about. I have arranged my own work experience to help promote oral hygiene and carry out some dental work there too.

What it means to me

I want to thank donors to the University from the bottom of my heart. It’s so overwhelming knowing that they invested in my future. I am grateful for the scholarship which has now given me the opportunity to invest in those who are less fortunate than me and I assure you that this generosity will reach many people who can't afford proper dental care.

Zenib’s Undergraduate Access Scholarship is generously funded by donors to The University of Manchester.