Fulfilling my potential by Hamza

Hamza is a bright and talented student who comes from a low-income household. Growing up, he never believed he would fulfil his dream of becoming a lawyer. But thanks to a donor-funded scholarship, Hamza is looking forwards to a bright future.

Hamza’s story

No one in my family had ever attended university. Most people from my community finish school and go straight into work. I always thought a law career was a pipe dream. Even if I wanted to go to university, there was no way I could afford it.


My school partners with the University to offer the Manchester Access Programme (MAP). I took part in the scheme when I was 16, attending workshops, writing essays and meeting academics at the University. I was shocked at how much I changed over the course of the programme. I had grown in confidence and independence, and that was all down to MAP.

A different direction

I began to realise that studying law at university wasn’t impossible, so I decided to apply. I did well in my A-levels and got accepted onto a law degree at The University of Manchester, which was a dream come true.

Donor support

Thanks to the generosity of donors, I could apply for an Undergraduate Access Scholarship. It was a huge help in paying for vital items like a laptop, a bus pass and my course books.

I was also eligible for the Manchester Bursary, which meant I didn’t have to take up a part-time job and I could dedicate the time to my studies. This meant I could spend time volunteering and I did some work experience at the University’s Legal Advice Centre. I also became a student advisor and had the opportunity to work with lawyers on a real case, which gave me a great insight into life as a solicitor. 

Looking ahead

Hamza with friend

I’m currently in my third year of an LLB Law with Criminology and will graduate this summer. I’m really excited about the future and I want to work in an area of law that benefits others.

I’m amazed that people have been so generous and given students like me financial support. I’m so grateful for my donor’s thoughtfulness and kindness. Helping students like me means we don’t miss out on opportunities simply because our families are poor.

My scholarship has made me realise that a young person’s potential to succeed should not be limited to the money that their family earn. My potential is determined by my ability and determination to work hard and make use of opportunities that are available to me. Now I’m excited about what the future holds.

Hamza’s Alexander Undergraduate Access Scholarship is generously funded by an anonymous donor to The University of Manchester.