Manchester, Melbourne and Toronto alliance

The University of Manchester has a strong history of bilateral relationships with the universities of Melbourne and Toronto, with a track record of established research seed funds, student exchange programmes, collaborative PhDs, and joint research developments.

To strengthen existing trilateral collaborations across science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) and non-STEM areas such as cancer, cities, the creative economy and migration studies, the universities have formed a three-way alliance to promote shared initiatives that address global challenges in a post-pandemic era.

With a combined 187,000 students and 45,000 staff, the opportunities across the three continents include:

  • global classroom programmes for students that provide interaction with world-leading teachers and researchers;
  • student exchange programmes providing global experiences to boost career prospects;
  • dual PhD programmes;
  • giving researchers access to specialist facilities;
  • opportunities to work on joint research programmes;
  • making joint funding applications;
  • knowledge exchange on topics including operational best practises, policies and geopolitics;
  • cross-continental links to industry and researchers.

Manchester is a global university and the pandemic has shown more than ever how collaborative working can solve our greatest challenges. This new alliance between three of the world’s leading universities will embed that spirit of collaboration and provide world-class opportunities for our researchers and our students.

Professor Dame Nancy Rothwell / President and Vice-Chancellor of The University of Manchester