Engagement and Enjoyment in Mathematics Education (EEME)

EEME is a new partnership between Manchester’s universities helping learners to discover their love of maths.

The toughest maths problem of our time won’t be found in any textbook.

Our combined expertise

  • 11 academics involved in mathematical education research
  • 50 trainee maths teachers
  • 1,431 undergraduate maths students
  • 10,924 undergraduates studying maths-related courses

Yet in classrooms across Greater Manchester, they seek to answer it every day: How can we give every learner the best possible chance to reach their potential in maths?

The University of Manchester and Manchester Metropolitan University have formed a new partnership to help schools and colleges solve this challenge. EEME is bringing maths experts from both institutions together with schools to inspire teachers and learners alike. The partnership will work collaboratively with existing maths networks including the Greater Manchester Maths Hubs, the National Centre for Excellence in the Teaching of Mathematics and the Advanced Mathematics Support Programme.

By creating a happier, more confident classroom, we aim to boost the chances of learners to progress in maths, to help overcome the socioeconomic barriers to success and, ultimately, contribute to greater achievement for the good of our city-region.