IT staff member prints essential PPE using home kit to protect NHS workers

A volunteer from The University of Manchester is playing his own part in helping the NHS while self-isolating at home – by creating personal protective equipment (PPE) on his home 3D printer to equip NHS staff treating COVID-19 patients.

3D printer printing PPE

Anthony Taylor-Plane, an Enterprise Architect at The University of Manchester, was approached by a former colleague to see if he could print headbands used to hold protective visors in place.

Using an open source design, each headband takes around an hour to produce. An initial batch of 30 were printed and collected after Easter ready to be assembled into full protective visors. A small group of people have been printing headbands at home and supplying them for deployment where they are needed most. Several batches have gone to maintain stock levels until manufactured equipment could arrive.

Anthony said: “The world was caught unaware during this pandemic. Supplies of essential medical equipment still remains low in certain areas, but by using just hobbyist tech, even non-healthcare professionals can play a part to help, using whatever skills and resources they have.

“I think it’s really heartening to see how so many individuals and organisations have stepped in to offer support and assistance during this crisis, and it demonstrates that people can work together to tackle issues, and we are stronger for it.”

Watch the 3D printer in action