How our car parks team are playing their part during the coronavirus pandemic

Our University car parks are being used by NHS heroes who are turning up to work every day to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic.

Car Park Services team helping show locations on a map

As the rest of the country takes to their doorsteps weekly to applaud the doctors, nurses, porters and cleaners on the healthcare frontline, we’ve opened up our now-empty parking spaces to NHS frontline staff. 

We're providing free parking for up to 600 people, and saved one newly-recruited NHS worker £500.

Car Parks Manager, Steph Marsh, explains: “Soon after starting to work from home, I received a few calls from staff members who are also working at the hospital, asking if they would still be able to park.

One member of staff, who pays for a permit at the University, was taking up a post at the hospital sooner than planned, and had been asked for £500 up front to park at the hospital, money which she wasn’t able to pay.

With our car parks being close to the hospitals, I suggested she continue to park there and to let colleagues within the NHS in the same situation know that parking is available to them too, without cost, while the University remains closed for non-essential activity."