Our support for conflict and humanitarian disasters

We are committed to providing support for those impacted by global crises.


Since World War I, when more than 600 staff and students lost their lives, our University community has regularly been affected by war. Tragically, these events continue today and the impact is felt by our students, staff and alumni in the UK and across the world.

The Russian invasion of Ukraine prompted us to think about more direct support we can offer to people whose lives have been disrupted by war. Find out more about our Ukraine response.

In 2022, a £5 million fund was established to provide scholarships to students and fellowships to academics from countries experiencing armed conflict. As well as the fund, we also have a wide range of other support available. You can find out more about these initiatives below.

In addition, humanitarian disaster response is a focus of our interdisciplinary research. Our Humanitarian and Conflict Response Institute (HCRI) is a global centre specialising in research, collaboration and education to enable improvements in crisis response on a global scale.

Our support

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How you can help

You can donate to UK-Med, a frontline medical aid charity based at the University. In 2020 they worked in 13 countries, responding to calls for emergency medical assistance following crises like disease outbreaks, natural disasters and conflict.

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