The Staffing Committee

The Staffing Committee is established by the Board under Statute and Ordinance to give full and proper consideration to any proposals notified to it to dismiss members of academic and academic-related staff on grounds of redundancy.

For each instance, appropriate information is provided to the Committee to allow it to reach a reasoned assessment of the proposal and to consider alternative strategies for the resolution of the circumstances leading to the proposal. Its recommendations are then passed to the full Board of Governors for approval.


Mrs Ann Barnes (Chair)
Professor Danielle George
Professor Jim Warwicker
Mr Robin Phillips
Mr Jatin Patel 


Sally Ainsworth
Adele MacKinlay

Terms of reference

1. Introduction

The Staffing Committee is established by the Board under Ordinance XXIII to give full and proper consideration to any proposals duly notified to it by or on behalf of the President and Vice Chancellor to dismiss members of staff by reason of redundancy pursuant to Statute XIII Part II.

These are the terms of reference and modus operandi of the Staffing Committee.  They have been approved by the Board and have been consulted upon with UCU, Unison and Unite, being the recognised campus trade unions. 

2. Membership 

The Staffing Committee must be made up of three lay members of the Board and two members of the Board from Categories 3 or 4 of the membership, selected according to the circumstances of the particular case or cases under consideration from a panel of at least five such members. 

All members of the Board from Categories 3 and 4 will be deemed to be the panel from which the non-lay members of the Staffing Committee can be selected.  Two members from Categories 3 and 4 will normally be appointed annually to the Staffing Committee.  These members will be supported by substitute members, drawn from the remaining membership of both categories.  This is required to ensure that meetings can proceed in the event of the absence of an appointed member of Category 3 or 4.  In selecting a substitute, the Committee will endeavour to ensure a balance of representation between Categories 3 and 4. 

Three lay members of the Staffing Committee (the “Core lay members”) will normally be appointed annually.  One of the Core lay members will be designated by the Board as Chair of the Staffing Committee.  In addition three lay members of the Board will be appointed annually to act as substitute members of the Staffing Committee.  These lay members may attend Staffing Committee meetings where one or more of the Core members is unavailable to do so and act in all respects as Core members for the purposes of that meeting and any associated actions. 

3. Support

The Staffing Committee will be supported in an advisory capacity by a member of the Office of the General Counsel of the University.  The University will also provide administrative support in the form of a secretary.  Minutes will be produced of each meeting. 

4. Meetings 

The Staffing Committee will meet on two occasions each year.  If deemed necessary, additional meetings will be organised.

In order for meetings of the Staffing Committee to be quorate, at least 2 lay member[s] must always be present, subject to a minimum total number of 4 members being present. 

With the prior agreement of the Chair of the Staffing Committee, a member of the Staffing Committee may join the meeting by telephone. 

The Deputy President and Deputy Vice-Chancellor is authorised to deputise for the presentation of the Report of the President and Vice-Chancellor at any meeting of the Staffing Committee. 

The Staffing Committee will be convened routinely as set out above in order to consider the proposed termination of permanent contracts which had at the outset a known or foreseeably greater risk of possible redundancy due to the finite nature of the project or funding for the post. 

In addition the Staffing Committee may be required to consider and advise on:

a) proposals for the possible dismissal of members of staff in accordance with Parts II and III of Ordinance XXIII; and

b) targeted voluntary severance arrangements, subject to the understanding that only necessary approvals are provided by the Board of Governors.

5. Information provided in advance of the meetings

The proposal that there should be dismissals by reason of redundancy must be provided to the Staffing Committee in advance of a meeting to consider such proposal.

In addition, appropriate information shall be provided to enable the Committee to reach a reasoned assessment of the proposal and to consider alternative strategies for resolution of the circumstances leading to the proposal.  This will include some or all of the following, depending on the circumstances:

(a) an identification and analysis of the alternatives to redundancy;

(b) the reasons for any discontinuation or reduction of activity or for the proposed redundancies;

(c) an outline of the relationship with the strategic plan of the relevant unit;

(d) an analysis of financial considerations;

(e) an analysis of the impact of the proposed redundancies on activities within the Unit and in other Units within the University;

(f) a report of consultations with the School or Unit Board;

(g) a review of the impact on the workloads of remaining staff.

6. Reaching a decision

The Staffing Committee will consider the information provided and decide whether to recommend the proposal to the Board.  In preparing its advice to the Board, the Committee:

(a) may request such other information as it deems appropriate and necessary to reach a reasoned assessment of the proposal and of any alternative strategies for resolution of the circumstances leading to the proposal;

(b) shall take a pan-institutional view of the circumstances;

(c) shall consult with any persons or bodies within the University as are deemed relevant;

(d) shall ensure that all suitable and appropriate alternative strategies for resolution, including redeployment and restructuring, have been properly considered; and

(e) shall receive and respond to reports from the relevant trade unions (which may be encompassed in a report from the Joint University/ Trade Union Contracts Committee).

7. Review

A review of the terms of reference of the Staffing Committee will be undertaken by the Staffing Committee on an annual basis.

Meeting dates for the year

  • Wednesday, 22 September 2021
  • Wednesday, 3 November 2021
  • Wednesday, 6 April 2022


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