The Nominations and Governance Committee

The Nominations and Governance Committee includes members from both the Board and General Assembly and its primary responsibility is appointment of lay members to both bodies, after ensuring robust recruitment, selection and due diligence processes, ensuring that the Board has an optimal and complementary mix of skills and experience, with members from a diversity of backgrounds.


The Chair of the Board of Governors

Philippa Hird (in the Chair)
Dr Marilyn Comrie
Anna Dawe
Zeb Farooq
Jim Hancock
Professor Danielle George
Nick Hillman
Tom Jirat

The President and Vice-Chancellor (in attendance)
The Registrar, Secretary and Chief Operating Officer (in attendance)

Mr Mark Rollinson (Secretary) 

Terms of reference

The Committee’s principal matters of business are as follows:

  1. To recommend to the Board appointments to the Board, including those in Category 2 (lay members) of the Board membership. In making such recommendations, the Committee will ensure, in accordance with provisions of the relevant Ordinance appropriate and thorough due diligence before recommending appointment, ensuring that those appointed to the Board are fit and proper persons. The above includes, consideration of nominations made by the Alumni Association for the one place in Category 2 reserved for qualified members of the Association as set out in Statutes and Ordinances. In considering appointments, the Committee will utilise a skills framework agreed by the Board and ensure effective succession planning. Board recruitment and selection processes will ensure an integrated, proactive approach to equality, diversity and inclusion that meets the University’s public sector equality duties, is informed by sector best practice and supports the achievement of the University’s values and objectives.
  2. To consider the reappointment of eligible members (including those in Category 2, lay members) at the end of their term of office and make recommendations to the Board.
  3. To regularly review membership requirements of Board committees, sub-committees and ad-hoc groups and make recommendations to the Board for appointments of Board members from any category of membership (and where appropriate co-opted members from outside Board membership) to these bodies.
  4. To recommend to the Board appointments to membership of General Assembly (unless this is determined by virtue of membership of a designated body or otherwise prescribed in the General Assembly constitution).
  5. To consider the reappointment of eligible General Assembly members at the end of their term of office and make recommendations to the Board.
  6. To recommend to the General Assembly the appointment to be made to the office of Pro-Chancellor.
  7. To ensure the overall efficacy of governance, including periodic review of the Charter, Statutes, Ordinances and Regulations of the University (noting requirements stipulated in the Charter and Statutes for any amendment to these documents), reporting to the Board as appropriate.
  8. To oversee on behalf of the Board, actions arising from external governance reviews.
  9. Such other duties and responsibilities as may be assigned to it by the Board from time to time.

Meeting dates for the year

  • Wednesday 11 October 2023
  • Wednesday 13 December 2023
  • Wednesday 6 March 2024
  • Wednesday 8 May 2024 


All downloadable documents are PDFs.