HCRI Academics continue to make an impact in COVID-19 Research

Last week, HCRI launched a new COVID-19 pandemic page dedicated to the research HCRI academics have produced on COVID-19 recovery, humanitarian affairs, and global health.

HCRI  have summarised the highlights and latest research contributions below.

COVID-19 Recovery

Drs Nathaniel O’Grady, Ayham Fattoum and Professor Duncan Shaw are part of a multidisciplinary project involving academics from across the university, disseminating recommendations in the form of; a weekly Recovering from COVID-19 briefing, webinars, and blogs.

The latest contributions to COVID-19 recovery include:

The seven principles of decision-making during COVID-19 recovery Dr Ayham Fattoum, June 2020

ISO 22395:2018, Security and resilience – Community resilience – Guidelines for supporting vulnerable persons in an emergency Professor Duncan Shaw, June 2020

Check out HCRI’s page to view more on COVID-19 recovery.

Global Health

Manchester academic leads Coronavirus fight at city's Nightingale Hospital May 2020

Health workers fighting coronavirus around the world threatened by violence NBC News, featuring Dr Larissa Fast, May 2020 

A global outlook: Humanitarian insight within COVID-19 clinical research Professor Paul Dark, May 2020

Healthcare workers are still coming under attack during the COVID-19 pandemic Dr Sophie Roborgh and Dr Larissa Fast, April 2020

Humanitarian Affairs

To raise the voices for peace, the UN Security Council's Permanent 5 must also submit themselves to a global ceasefire Professor Mandy Turner, May 2020

How can lessons from Ebola help inform the responses to COVID-19? Dr Larissa Fast, May 2020


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