Maths PhD student successfully launches mental health app

A PhD student in the Department of Mathematics has successfully launched a new app to serve as a practical guide to users' mental health.

Elliot McKernon, who recently submitted his PhD in Pure Mathematics, managed to create and launch the Wellspring app while also completing his studies. The app is a single point of contact for mental health, designed for people who might never have registered with a GP before. 

It features a practical, step-by-step guide for people to understand their mental health and to get the help they need. There are explanations of common mental illnesses, as well as information on what users can expect from their doctor, what treatments are available, and guides on the simple life improvements people can make themselves.

Elliot explains that he came up with the idea for the app while helping a friend: "She was a student, and hadn't registered with a new GP, but was plagued by anxiety and depression. She wanted to get treatment, but she felt overwhelmed by the process and couldn't face figuring it all out, so we came up with a plan together - I would give her one task to do each day, so that it wasn't overwhelming.

"This started with finding a nearby GP one day, getting the registration form the next day, and so on. She said it was really effective, and I realised that my role in the process could be completely automated, and that's what Wellspring is designed to do."

The app gives people simple tasks to make progress, and concise information to understand their symptoms and how to help themselves.

More information about the app, which recently earned Elliot a Making a Difference Award for his 'outstanding contribution to social innovation', can be found on its new website.

The Department of Mathematics would like to congratulate Elliot on the launch, and wishes him the highest success in the future!


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