Professor Igor Larrosa reaches final of Blavatnik Awards UK

The Blavatnik Family Foundation and the New York Academy of Sciences have announced the Laureates and finalists of the 2019 Blavatnik Awards for Young Scientists in the United Kingdom. Professor Igor Larrosa of the School of Chemistry placed as a finalist in the Chemistry category, receiving a fantastic prize of $30,000. The Blavatnik Awards are the largest unrestricted cash prizes available exclusively to young scientists and engineers in the UK under the age of 42.

Professor Larrosa placed as a finalist due to his world-leading work in a sub-field of organic chemistry called carbon-hydrogen (C-H) bond activation. This particular field is focused on finding ways to make these normally stable bonds reactive. Specifically, he has established new mechanistic insights into how C–H bonds can react with transition metals, and developed novel catalysts for the construction of molecules that were previously only accessible through multistep organic transformations.

Now in their second year in the UK, the 2019 Blavatnik Awards for Young Scientists received 83 nominations from 43 academic and research institutions across England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. A distinguished jury of leading senior scientists and engineers from throughout the UK selected the Laureates and finalists.

Professor Larrosa, along with the other UK Laureates and finalists, are making headlines across medical and tech communities for discoveries and innovation in projects ranging from cell biology and neuron function analysis to new molecular optical methodologies, advances in cyber security and radical breakthroughs in fundamental physics.

Despite their young age, the finalists' research is already directly impacting human lives through technology and medicine and by helping to change our understanding of the world. To find out more about the awards, Laureates and finalists, please visit the Blavatnik Awards website.

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