University upgrades student residences over summer

The University is investing in refurbishments to create modern and eco-friendly living spaces for students. 

Over summer, 106 rooms in Dalton-Ellis House (Victoria Park Campus )were updated, investing over £14m. This is part of the University's plan to have zero carbon emissions by 2038

Fallowfield Campus got its own set of upgrades in time for the new semester. The main reception moved from Owens Park to Richmond Park Amenity Hub. This new spot has a welcoming reception, places for students to meet and study, and meets all disability access requirements. A dedicated team there will make sure the 3,500 students living on campus have everything they need. 

Oak House Hall of Residence also got a makeover. It’s one of the most budget-friendly places for students in the city, housing 1,200 students. The shared spaces and bathrooms are now revamped with new floors, fresh paint, kitchen updates, and new furniture. There is also additional space for more study spots and multi-purpose areas in the Carill House block.  

The University spent £4 million on these projects. An in-house team and outside contractors ensured everything was done on schedule. And, as always, the regular cleaning and maintenance across all student halls continued throughout. 

Preparation work has also started at Owens Park for some exciting changes coming up. A search is currently underway for a partner to help redevelop the Fallowfield Campus.

Finally, work is taking place to address an issue which occured on the weekend of 16 and 17 September. Some areas were vandalised with graffiti related to a student campaign. A dedicated team is working on cleaning it up, but that does mean funds are being used for this instead of other improvements. 

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