Civic engagement

Civic engagement is a core part of our vision and strategic plan. It reflects how our work is enhanced and inspired by our location in Greater Manchester and the way we improve lives across our city and region.

Civic University Agreement

We’ve a Civic University Agreement plan to advance wellbeing and prosperity in Greater Manchester.

Our commitment to civic engagement can be seen in our research that involves our population and informs local policies, our engagement through staff and student experience activities, the social impact of our cultural institutions, our role as an economic anchor and our alignment to the Greater Manchester strategy and ambitions.

As Britain's first civic university, we were founded by, and for, the people of Manchester. For us, contributing to the wellbeing and prosperity of Greater Manchester is a fundamental part of our purpose.

Our core goals of research and discovery, teaching and learning and social responsibility are enhanced, and inspired, by our city region and its pioneering spirit. We actively engage under-represented communities and places, involve a wide range of people in our work and listen to public concerns and aspirations across our region.

Universities are judged by the quality of their work with the public and their local communities. We hold a Platinum Watermark for this work with the NCCPE, are ranked at the top end of our cluster for public and community engagement in England’s Knowledge Exchange Framework (KEF) and are the world’s top institution for social and environmental impact (Times Higher Education), measured against the UN Sustainable Development Goals.