Our commitments  

We make several commitments as a university to ensure our open and responsible research environment prioritises making a positive impact on society. These include: 

  • Delivering solutions into practice rapidly through our unique and established research and discovery capabilities.  
  • Connecting a wider range of research institutes at the University to extend the scope of our environmental expertise and the impact of Sustainable Futures
  • Integrating a wide range of environmental expertise from across the University to facilitate interdisciplinary research and greater impact.  

Areas of research 

At Manchester, our multidisciplinary approach brings together researchers with a wide range of knowledge and skillsets to tackle the world’s biggest environmental challenges with innovative, future-proof solutions.  

Our key areas of focus are advanced materials, biotechnology, cancer, energy and global inequalities. 

Here are just some examples of how our research is contributing to a more sustainable world.  

Innovating solutions to decarbonise transport and industry 

Our researchers and the Tyndall Centre for Climate Change worked together to identify new ways to accelerate the decarbonisation of high-emitting sectors like air travel, shipping and road freight.  

Read the case study.

Supporting planners to understand social and spatial vulnerability to climate change 

Our researchers have developed a mapping tool to measure climate disadvantage and identify vulnerable groups, to inform local planning and policy responses.  

Read the case study.

Improving radioactive waste management to reduce risks and benefit the environment  

Our University’s research into the behaviour of radioactive materials has helped the Sellafield nuclear facility to improve industrial treatment processes and site safety.  

Read the case study.