Public engagement

Public engagement covers the many ways we connect, share and involve the public with our work locally, nationally and internationally.

Public engagement is supported by our institutional strategic goal of social responsibility and is embedded in our research and teaching. 

Platinum Engage Watermark

We are committed to encouraging, supporting and rewarding public engagement and in December 2023, the University was awarded the Platinum Engage Watermark, the highest possible honours from the National Co-ordinating Centre for Public Engagement (NCCPE).

The award recognises the University as being an institution with an ongoing commitment to engagement and a leader in the field in its practices, values and culture.

Public Engagement Framework

The University’s commitment to public engagement is reflected in our overarching institutional strategy Our Future and features prominently in our social responsibility and civic engagement strategic plan.

The Public Engagement Framework (Word doc, 770KB) sets out our vision to carry out and support purposeful, high-quality engagement. We aim to create a supportive environment for our staff and students to engage, understand and work with diverse communities and their needs; and to evidence the impact of our work.

Our approach

To carry out meaningful engagement, we listen to and work with diverse audiences to share ideas and inspire discussion, debate and creativity. Our approach to engagement is underpinned by key principles of partnership, collaboration, inclusion and reflection. Our activities encompass patient involvement in research and teaching, volunteering, mutual partnerships, citizen science, festivals, widening participation and policy engagement.

Civic engagement

Our civic engagement activities reflect how our work is enhanced and inspired by Greater Manchester and improving lives across the city and region. We are also piloting new approaches to partnerships and deliberative listening through the Greater Manchester Universities Citizens’ Panel to seek feedback and understand the needs and priorities of local citizens.