Improving social housing

Emmanuel Ahabwe is helping establish a social housing programme for high-risk families. Supported by an Allan and Nesta Ferguson Charitable Trust donation, Emmanuel is now a Senior Engineer for Affordable and Social Housing at the Ministry of Infrastructure.

Emmanuel A

What made you interested in looking at social housing?

People are living in high-risk zones where they’re prone to disasters. Our social housing programme relocates people from these zones into housing projects that are cheap but also sustainable.

What impact have you had since studying?

I’m currently working with the government to run the Ministry of Infrastructure as an affordable and social housing civil engineer.

People now have better housing, schools, health and facilities, access to water and electricity, and gardens. It’s an affordable community and that’s my motivation to make sure our children live a better life.

What did studying at Manchester give you?

Studying has made a key impact in my day-to-day life. I’ve been able to acquire and improve my construction management skills so we’re delivering acceptable quality, and budget planning and time management skills as well.