Confidence in social justice

Emmanuel Turatsinze is improving the social justice system in Rwanda. Supported by an Allan and Nesta Ferguson Charitable Trust donation, Emmanuel is now a Partner in Foundation Advocates (a leading Rwandan law firm).

Emmanuel T

What is the current state of the social justice system in Rwanda?

We have only 1,000 lawyers in the country. I wanted to specialise in legal practice so people don’t need to hire lawyers from outside the country.

What has happened since you graduated?

When I came back I resumed my work at the University but was promoted to assistant lecturer and given courses to teach. I was also promoted to partner at the law firm, specialising in services to government and business investors.

Why did you choose to study at Manchester?

The subject I wanted to do was unavailable in my region. I now contribute to the social justice system of the country. Rwanda is growing, so lawyers give confidence and trust to the people.