24-hour electricity access

Kenneth Kahuma has brought 24 hour electricity to a remote island on Lake Victoria, Bugala Island, Uganda. Thanks to an anonymous donation, Kenneth is now an Engineer for Rural Electrification Agency in Uganda.


What was the previous electricity situation in Uganda?

The problem again is facing Bugala Island right now is limited access to electricity. More than 80% of the population have no access to electricity and this means that other sectors such as education health and water are affected.

One way we’re looking at to solve this problem is to have solar grids which creates sustainable energy and we’re abundantly blessed with sunshine.

These solar grids are in remote areas so they can supply people that are far from the main grid with cleaner energy such as renewable energy, solar, wind and biogas so we have less carbon emissions.

As we phase out the carbon technologies, it’s imperative that we look forward to cleaner energy

When did you first become interested in engineering?

My dream to become an engineer started in secondary school. Before that, I had dreams of being a doctor but when I went to the biology lab and saw the dissection of frogs, I couldn’t handle it and I realised my career path was different.

Why did you choose Manchester?

I figured that given The University of Manchester’s history, studying there would give me an edge. The University has a track record of innovation and it gave me the confidence to face challenges.

The MSc Electrical Power Systems Engineering allowed me to look at things differently. The smart grid technology is the way forward for Uganda as a country.

What are your future plans?

My plan for the future is to actually own my own consultancy firm. I’m keen to extend my knowledge in smart grid technology and sustainable energy, to better our way of life.