The next generation of architects

Marie Amelie Ntigulirwa is training the next generation of architects to help with Rwanda's urban expansion. Supported by an Allan and Nesta Ferguson Charitable Trust donation, Marie Amelie is now a Lecturer for the University of Rwanda.


What’s the current challenge in Rwanda around urban planning?

In Rwanda, one of the challenges is the massive movement of people coming into towns looking for jobs. Cities are growing fast but the space is limited. Currently, Rwanda is 17% urbanised but the aim is to be 35% urbanised by 2050.

Why did you decide to teach when you returned from Manchester?

As the country becomes more urbanised, there’s a need for more architects and urban planners and that’s why I’m teaching at the university.

How have you made an impact?

To be able to come back and train future architects has been really important. Most of the buildings at the moment have been built by foreign architects but I’m training local architects who understand the local contexts and population needs. Transferring that knowledge is key and it’s important to be part of the change that is happening.