Manchester Access Programme (MAP)

Our MAP supports local students from backgrounds currently under-represented in higher education gain entry to The University of Manchester or another research-intensive university.

Key impacts:

  • In 2018-2019, after completing an Access Manchester scheme, 337 students got a place on a course at The University of Manchester.

Year 12 students complete a portfolio of work through workshops and an academic assignment which helps them develop the specific knowledge and skills needed to thrive at university and beyond.

There are a variety of Access Manchester schemes to suit students with different needs. Some schemes last nearly a year, some last a couple of months and separate schemes are provided for those interested in specific subject areas such as Medicine or Dentistry.

In MAP we want to empower students to achieve their full potential, improve their confidence and feel part of a university community. We give an insight into life as a student as well as subject-specific options in Medicine and Dentistry to help students feel prepared to progress to Manchester.

By completing the MAP, students can:

  • receive a reduced offer in the A-level grades required to study at The University of Manchester;
  • get advice and guidance in applying to university through UCAS and a personal statement;
  • have the opportunity to become familiar with university life and study, including the social side, with an opportunity to stay overnight in Halls of Residence;
  • increase their skills in research, academic writing, communication, presenting, time management, independent learning and team working. These skills will give them an advantage in starting university and will support their current school and college studies;
  • if choosing to study at The University of Manchester, students will receive the Undergraduate Access Scholarship (currently £1,000).