Manchester 10/10

Creating community, building belonging and supporting success for Black Heritage students.

What is Manchester 10/10?

Manchester 10/10 offers a series of tailored events and opportunities which support students to find community, build belonging and develop confidence in their place at The University of Manchester.

Designed in partnership with Black Heritage students, our events support students to build their peer, professional and academic networks and develop the confidence to engage with all that the Manchester student experience has to offer. 

Who is eligible for the programme?

Manchester 10/10 is open to students who:

  • are of Black African, Black African-Caribbean, Mixed-race Black African or Mixed-race Black African-Caribbean background;
  • have Home fee status
  • are studying for an undergraduate degree.

Why should you join the programme?

Manchester 10/10 provides access to:

  • Community and personal development events
  • Tailored careers workshops and opportunities
  • Peer and professional networking opportunities
  • A chance to have your say about the Black student experience at Manchester
  • Opportunities to recognise and celebrate Black identities at Manchester

To join our community, simply complete this short expression of interest form. You can also follow us on Instagram @UOM_M1010 to stay updated on our upcoming events.

“M10/10 has given me the platform to be true to myself, to make sure that I know that I am good enough, that I don’t have to change myself because of the majority white population (at Manchester).” 

“[M10/10] provided good opportunities to network with fellow students and allowed me to practically understand the career service. Workshops also helped me look beyond University in terms of goal setting and business orientated work.”